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Step-by-Step Guide: What to Expect During the Fingerprint Process

Updated: May 18

Fingerprinting is widely required for various purposes in the modern world such as employment, immigration, adoption or criminal background checks. Although one may be overwhelmed by this process, with the right preparations and understanding it can become an easy experience. The following step-by-step guide will help you glide through when undergoing fingerprinting in Mississauga or any other place.

Preparing for the Fingerprint Appointment

Understanding why you are being fingerprinted

The first thing one should do is to understand why they are supposed to get their fingerprints taken. Different agencies or organizations may have specific requirements hence one needs to know what he/she has been fingerprinted for.

Complete Required Documents

Ensure that all relevant documents like valid government-issued photo ID, application forms, and other required paperwork are gathered before your appointment. Ensure that you cross-check the requirement list so that you do not forget anything needed.

Finding a Fingerprinting Location

Locate an authorized fingerprinting service provider near you. Local police stations, private agencies and government offices offer fingerprinting services in many cities including Fingerprinting Mississauga.

The Process

Arrival and Check-In

Walk into the office where your fingerprinting has been scheduled a few minutes before the actual appointment time. On arrival there, they will request identification documents from you plus any necessary paperwork. Also, ensure that you are carrying enough money to pay if there is any charge needed.

Finger Capture

During the finger capture process, a technician who is well-trained will walk along with you throughout the entire process. Placing of fingers on special scanners or ink pads will be requested by him/her so as to capture your fingerprints. While doing this, it is important to be very attentive so as to avoid blurring or transferring them into the wrong people’s hands.

Verification and Processing

They might ask the customer in return about his/her personal profile details while checking up on his/her fingerprint card. As soon as it is done, then they will process your fingerprints as per the requirements of the requesting agency or organization.

Results of Your Fingerprints

The final place it’s up to you where you want your fingerprints to be processed. Your results can be given to you on the spot or sent for processing by the requesting agency depending on why you are being fingerprinted. Always ask when your results are likely to come in.

Tips for a Successful Fingerprinting Experience

Preparing Your Hands Properly

Ensure that your hands are clean and dry before going for the fingerprinting process. Avoid the usage of lotions, oils or creams that can affect the quality of these prints.

Follow Hand-in-Hand with an Engineer

During the whole process, one should be very attentive and follow all instructions and directions from a specialist perfectly well who is always near him/her. Such cooperativeness is essential because this person’s task is aimed at providing actual and unambiguous capture of his/her own fingerprints.

Be Patient

This may take some time especially if many people are being processed; hence patience is key since even a simple mistake could lead to unsuccessful fingerprinting.

Seek Clarification

When facing any query during the procedures do not hesitate to ask a technician or staff about what you don’t understand. They will assist and facilitate a smooth experience by taking you step-by-step through every bit.

After the Fingerprinting Process Use

Some people, in certain instances, may have trouble giving their fingerprints clearly due to reasons such as age, profession, or disease. Should this happen, the technician can utilize other techniques or equipment to take your accurate fingerprints.

Children’s fingerprinting

When it comes to children’s fingerprinting, there are times when special considerations must be made and a milder approach employed. You should prepare your child for this procedure and make sure they feel comfortable during the process.

Fingerprinting for specific purposes

Depending on what you want your fingerprints for, additional steps might be required. For instance, fingerprinting for immigration or adoption could entail some extra forms or interviews.


The location where you get your fingerprints done and the agency specified determines how much it can cost. It is advisable to enquire about the charges and payment methods in advance for a smooth exercise.

Following these instructions, one by one, and preparing oneself prior to the fingerprinting process will ensure that you have a seamless experience. Whether you are undergoing fingerprinting in Mississauga or any other place, knowing the process will help each individual navigate through it successfully by cooperating with technicians.

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