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A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Fingerprint Services in Canada

Updated: Feb 29

fingerprinting services toronto canada

Whether for employment checks, visa applications, or pardons, quality fingerprinting services play an important role across countless industries in Canada. While the RCMP and local police traditionally conducted ink-based fingerprinting, today private businesses offer digital fingerprint capture utilizing advanced biometrics technology. This article explores key fingerprint services available nationally, critical applications requiring fingerprints, factors impacting costs, and steps for finding a top-rated Canadian fingerprint agency that is convenient to access.

Understanding Fingerprint Service Fundamentals

Fingerprint service providers utilize electronic scanning to capture digital images of friction ridge details on all ten fingers. Certified fingerprint technicians ensure proper roll-printing protocols to collect accurate fingerprint records typically stored in secured government databases like the RCMP’s Canadian National Repository.

Standard fingerprint services include

  • Digital finger scan capture using LiveScan technology

  • Ensuring optimal image quality acceptable to the RCMP

  • Filing fingerprints electronically with the appropriate agencies as authorized

  • Issuing accredited fingerprint compliance certificates

With hundreds of private livescan fingerprinting businesses across Canada currently offering prompt processing in most cities, getting the necessary fingerprinting completed is now faster and more accessible than ever.

Importance of Proper Fingerprint Capturing

Successfully capturing high-quality fingerprint scans requires precision, consistency, and care during the roll-printing process. Trained fingerprint technicians take great care to ensure proper sequencing, finger positioning, accurate rolls, image clarity checks, and more throughout appointments, following precise protocols. Rushing through without attention risks incomplete imprints, a lack of clarity, or distortion, jeopardizing background check needs. Reputable fingerprint service providers invest heavily in ongoing staff technique training while integrating second reviews before submitting final scans. Remember, a proper set of fingerprints requires having all information clearly visible. So let experienced professionals handle this vital data collection correctly the first time.

Background Check Types Requiring Fingerprints

While a standard criminal record check reveals basic conviction data, enhanced security clearances demand greater identification integrity, like fingerprint verification, across more in-depth record searches. Common types include enhanced police information checks (E-PIC), probing wider RCMP indices, and vulnerable sector checks (VSC), examining pardoned sex offender databanks. Higher business integrity clearances, children/elderly caregiver screenings, and foreign travel visas also mandate advanced fingerprint-based checks. Know exactly which check format your situation requires beforehand to complete the necessary fingerprinting efficiently.

Typical Government and Institutional Applications

Beyond direct consumer background checks, fingerprints provide critical identification components enabling essential societal functions like:

  • Crime scene forensics – latent or infected prints at crime scenes to aid investigations

  • Border security – Biometric fingerprint scans helping validate travelers identities accurately

  • Government beneficiary ID – Provincial and federal social assistance program utilization checks

  • Historical records – RCMP databases help identify missing or deceased individuals when needed

Ensuring such systems have access to responsible citizen’s current fingerprint records facilitates key services protecting society overall today.

Should Minors Get Fingerprinted?

fingerprinting services canada

Fingerprinting youth under 18 merits extra consideration around necessity, privacy and long-term impacts. Most consumer applications, like basic employment checks, don’t require minor fingerprinting by accredited channels. However, certain travel visas, residence permits, and legal proceedings may mandate minor applicant prints. If you encounter requests for your children’s fingerprints, scrutinize them carefully beforehand; once submitted into databases, removing future access risks proves extremely difficult overall.

How Long Are Fingerprint Records Kept?

Once submitted to the RCMP by accredited live scan providers, fingerprint records and resulting background check reports get retained in centralized repositories, typically for 5 years. However, some exceptions exist: fingerprints gathered by immigration agencies stay on file perpetually for ongoing border entry reference needs. Also, prints collected during criminal proceedings/charges get stored indefinitely within RCMP indices. While accredited channels offer strict privacy protections, understanding that submitted fingerprints lose future anonymity and represent permanent identification remains essential.

Invalidating Incorrect Fingerprint Records

If errors sneak in during enrollment scanning sessions, amendments to incorrect fingerprint records prove extremely difficult once in RCMP databases. Simple mistakes could invalidate background checks repeatedly. Immediate double verification during initial fingerprint appointments allows for catching issues early. However, beyond that window, requesting modifications requires extensive bureaucratic effort, including new rollout appointments. So emphasize precision initially, knowing that submitted fingerprint data carries lasting consequences over time.

Top Reasons Canadians Use Fingerprint Services

There are many critical applications requiring quality Canadian fingerprint services across both enterprise and consumer scenarios in Canada:

  • Employment Screening - Fingerprint-based criminal record checks are required for jobs like teaching, banking, security roles, immigration, or roles dealing with vulnerable groups.

  • Immigration - Fingerprinting is mandated for permanent residence and certain work/student visa applicants during medical exams.

  • Pardons - Accredited fingerprint records are required to start pardon applications to prove current identification.

  • ATO/ACE Passports - Special advanced security clearance passports issued by the RCMP utilize fingerprint verification.

  • Indigenous Status - First Nations members registering for Indian Status cards via secure government records require fingerprinting.

While traditionally conducted by police, today's fastest and most convenient option is using accredited private fingerprint agencies that provide state-of-the-art biometric scanning technology for every necessary application.

How Much Do Fingerprinting Services Cost?

Pricing can range substantially based on factors like:

  • Type of background check required – basic criminal vs. enhanced reliability vs. vulnerable sector checks. Basic checks start around $70, while advanced checks range from $170 to $250 generally.

  • Group pricing – volume discounts for employers fingerprinting many applicants or staff users at once.

  • Appointment type – higher costs for expedited services with urgent results delivery (1-day turnaround) versus standard processing (within 5 business days).

  • Additional fees – fingerprint technician travel costs or mobile site visits if unable to visit approved fingerprint locations easily.

When comparing prices by fingerprint service providers, clarify exactly what criminal record checks format you require upfront first before assessing quotes to understand true costs accurately.

What to Expect During Fingerprint Appointments?

The process of getting fingerprinted by an accredited provider generally involves:

  • Checking in upon arrival and submitting all necessary identification documents

  • Authorization consent form signing

  • Capturing individual ten-print records and palm scans via advanced digital scanners

  • Ensuring image quality sufficiency before application submission into appropriate database channels

  • Receiving copies of completed fingerprint records and compliance certificates as required

  • Processing payment for established agency fees

Reputable fingerprint services Toronto providers ensure friendly, efficient experiences during every fingerprint appointment while upholding strict privacy protocols on secured biometric data.


Whether supporting background check screenings or proving identities in immigration applications accurately using the latest tech biometrics security standards available locally at competitive rates, responsible Canadians can feel confident utilizing available, dependable fingerprint services Toronto providers, for example, VS Fingerprinting Inc., to fulfill critical needs easily these days.

Recognized and accredited by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), VS Fingerprinting Inc. has a track record of offering peerless fingerprinting services over the years. The company is armed with a team of dedicated and qualified fingerprint experts who shine at capturing fingerprints seamlessly for a variety of purposes, such as employment, immigration, background checks, licensing, etc. In short, by choosing VS Fingerprinting Inc.’s RCMP accredited services, you can rest assured that your fingerprint submissions meet all necessary requirements and will be processed with full attention and safety.

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